Assuming The Heidegger Pans out

I’ve convinced myself I want to be a film maker.  It appears that in early 2009 a camera will come out that will take as good as you need or better footage and it will only cost three thousand dollars.  I therefore need a job so I’m probably gonna work as a CNA or something.  This is the camera I want

Red also announced a pocket professional camcorder to be called Red Scarlet set for release in 2009 with a price under $3,000.[14] The camera is stated to have the following features:

  • 2/3 inch Mysterium X Sensor
  • 3K resolution in Redcode RAW format with data rates up to 100 MB/s on dual compact flash
  • frame rates of 1-120 frames per second. 180 frames/s for 5 seconds
  • 8x zoom lens
  • full manual and automatic controls
  • Wi-Fi wireless network capabilities
  • auto focus and servo zoom[15][16]

And if it doesn’t pan out the new nikon D90 announced today is a digital SLR that can take big beautiful footage right through the many available high quality Nikon F mount lenses. Oh and if that doesn’t pan out it looks as though the new Micro 4/3rd’s standard may allow the same trick to be done on the new Olympus and Panasonic PDSLRs(post-Digital-Single Lens Reflex) cameras.

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