DSLR Video Hope for the future of art

If we as artists can get a hold of these fairly cheap new cameras I think we could finally make some really beautiful moving images.  I could care less about HD format because I don’t think broadcast T.V. is going anywhere.  What I want is to see is technology in the hands of people who still have brains and heart.  Some of the greatest writers in history have been unknown during there own time(Kafka for one)but they could still write.  The new dslr’s could allow the means of moving image production to be in the hands of actual people.  All the films I have made thus far are compromises.  They just aren’t that pretty but if you look at the video that comes out of the Nikon d90 for example you can start to realized that film making is about to change in a big way.

Get Ready to go!!!

Get Ready to go!!!

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