HDR Before and After Photos + My HDR creation Process(bare bones)

I guees some American things a pretty amazing

I guess some American things a pretty amazing

These photgraphs were taken with my Olympus E-Volt  410 using the kit lens which is said to be really good.  I’m pretty sure it would work better if i kept it cleaner but of well.

I make the HDR by taking 3 sets of bracketed exposures and then picking out from six to nine of them, Nine if i’ve just restarted my computer other wise I get an insufficient memory error even though I have 8 gigs of ram.  I use Photomatix 3 to generate then tonemap the HDR.  I export it as 16bit Tif file (I also save the original HDR image in a Radiance file because end up learning so much over time that can go back to old saved HDR files and make them look alot better.  I can also play with them in other HDR image processing programs.  Finally I export open the photo in Lightroom two  and either tweak there or export the tif to Photoshop were I often use plugin called Digital Film Tools Digital Film Labs V.2.5(which is now part of Tiffen’s Dfx V2 suite of plugins.  I then save a duplicate as a tif.  I then import it into into Lightroom 2(64bit) and use my export presets to save it to the Flickr Uploader and to a deviantArt folder (these are full quality jpg’s about 8 mb in size) and to photobucket folder as smaller lower quality jpg’s which I then post on my Journalspace journal.

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