As Fast As Some Really Fast Thing:Casio EX FI and EX-FH20=Realities TIVO

I was looking over the 6 kajillion photo sites I have on my google home page when I found the announcement of the Casio EX_FH20 in DP review. It’s got some pretty singular video capabilities I thought

• 1280 x720 (HD 30 fps)
• 640 × 480 (STD, 30 fps)
• 480 × 360 (HS, 30-210 fps)
• 224 × 168 (HS, 420 fps)
• 224 × 56 (HS, 1000 fps)

I mean if it comes out at the 5 to 6 hundred dollar mark it would sure beat buying some dedicated camcorder.  It also takes 7.1MP(3072 x 2304 pixel) images 40 fps.  It seems like to perfect little instrument to create new art.  Imagine the film one could make.  A film that would have the resolution to play on the 720p TV’s available.

I then looked down the announcement and found one about the Casio EX FI and that pretty much floored me.

these are the video modes available to it:

Standard: 640 × 480 (30 fps)
HD: 1920 × 1080 (FHD HQ/FHD Normal, 60 fields per second)
1280 × 720 (HD LP, 30 fps)
Hi-Speed: 512 × 384 (300 fps)
432 × 192 (600 fps)
336 × 96 (1200 fps)

but after reading the review of it an Luminous Landscape I realized it’s not all good in fact given that the EX FI is currently about 1,500 dollars on amazon and that is only has a 6 mp sensor one it would seem that the EX-FH20 would be a better deal.  The question I would like an answer to is what is the difference in quality between the two cameras 720p mode.  They are two different sensors. It’s a shame there isn’t some DP review for Video.

Finally one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read was

“users can prerecord up to 40 still images not just at the instant they press the shutter button, but before!”

I guess the shutter button,being just an electronic switch, is there to commit the recorded material to the memory which seems fairly neat anyway.

I wish canon would announce their new stuff so I could deci what to buy.  I think I’d get the nikon D90 at this point.

Here are the photos I took Yesterday at the fair. (I believe all bloggers should be required to post their latest efforts so one know who they are listening to)

HDR, Tonemapped, Photomatix 3

HDR, Tonemapped, Photomatix 3

HDR, Tonmapped, Panorama, Photomatix 3, Autopano Pro,Lightroom 2

HDR, Tonmapped, Panorama, Photomatix 3, Autopano Pro,Lightroom 2

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