Impotent Photographers Rejoice, Your Boutique Camera Has Arrived: The Lieca M8

Oh you just don’t understand the art of photography.  Just think of all those cool European masters running around with rangefinders in the streets of Paris.  The only problem with the whole picture is that instead of saving money by buying a less functional camera that might be less noticeable when snapping photo’s on the street one ends up spending $5,495.00 dollars on a camera whose only virtue is its design and build quality.  I find it sad that a photographer(?) would waste so much money on a camera whose only cachet left is it’s price and exclusivity.

If one wants a quiet camera one could get the new Panasonic DMC-G1 which also sports a tilt and swivel live viewfinder making it the ne plus ultra in street photography.  All the ease of a point and shoot with the quality of a DSLR.

I mainly spend most my time taking and processing photographs and to my mind all that really matters is the end product.  When I get find myself looking at a photo I’ve taken and thinking WOW! I’ve gotten my reward. But go into any stupid little camera store and you have a host of “photographers” who actually think there knowledge is worth something.  People who are “purists” .  I’m sure you’ve met them.  They don’t have any Idea of what photography is.  You can tell that by looking at their photographs.  But then photographers have always been a bit defensive as to whether their occupation is a true art.  Perhaps this is the reason for the equipment fetish in the first place.

I bet that’s why Lomography has become so popular.  I mean the photographs look like crap and the cult thrives on ownership and “style” but it gets them over the feeling that they don’t know what they are doing.  They can have “fun” takin’ pictures and also be very fashionable.   But then how creative is a camera that makes one or two effects.

Ok so I got some issues but what really gets excited is seeing something I haven’t seen before.  Ultra high resolution Digital photography, HDR, high resolution digital video, all that is still new enough to  create images that excite people.  It’s these immaterial ghostly captures that are what any self respecting creative artist is after.  And in this world as it is a creative person is going to have a hard time making enough money to be able to waste i on a Lieca M8. But then some people have different priorities.  Kinda like the old upper middle class bikers one sees riding about in their gleaming Harley’s.  The goddamn Peacocks.

9 photos = 3 HDR = 1 panorama

9 photos = 3 HDR = 1 panorama

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