Imaging Diversions:Remote Viewing and Digital Microscopes

Some Ideas For Interesting Photography.  I have come to the conclusion that the expense of buying a new digital camera with the kind of specs to outclass my Olympus 410 might be too expensive.   I need to research the older lenses for the Minolta(The Sony A900) and the Canon(The 5d Mark II) to see how much they cost.  Perhaps with the full frame sensor it might be cost effective to get one without the lens and see if the older ones can shoot well. I prefer doing absolutely everything manual so perhaps this an option.

In the mean time I have found a few diverting imaging products that that aren’t nearly as expensive but might allow for some interesting new photographs.


    *       Sharp, sensitive Color 2.5" Zigview S2 LCD screen (23K pixel)     *       Zigview S2 ccreen flips 180° and rotates 300°     *       Zigview S2 Sensor and Display module can be separated with accessory cable (remote video transceiver)     *       NTSC/PAL video out jack enables Zigview S2 viewing on any video monitor     *       Your Zigview S2 purchase includes replaceable eyepiece adapters     * The Zigview S2 offers real-time viewing. 25+ frames per second refresh rate.

Zigview S2 About 400 bucks

The Zigview S2adds the kind of framing ability the cheaper point and shoot cameras often have.  IThe Olympus E-3 also has a rotating and tilting screen.  The zigview goes one better buy giving you a remote cable I’m not sure if this is really necessary because depending on the camera you can output the liveview to  a laptop or maybe a little LCD monitor.  The company you go to when you click the image will also sell you an IR version for 650.00.

2.I have an unused degree in biochemistry so you might think I spent a lot of time using a microscope. Not true! I spent much more time in math and physics class. I always thought microscopy was kinda neat and I remember trying to take digital photos through the microscopes in lab.  I didn’t work very well. This deal looks pretty cool though

Wonder If It Works With Vista 64?

Wonder If It Works With Vista 64?

If that isn’t exciting enough here is a modified version of the USB Microscope QX5 it that captures The UV and IR spectrum as well.  The best microscope I found though is this 1.3 mp USB Microscope which captures images 1240 by1028

Geez now I wana go take some pictures.  I’m looking into the available Fuji IR option for some other lame post later so whatever.

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