Amazingly Cheap Advanced Point and Shoots:The FinePix S100FS,IS-1

Manual Focus No Dust More capabilities then most SLR’s

The The FinePix S100FS

Advanced Imaging For Cheap

Advanced Imaging For Cheap

Just got a drop in price Here so you can get one for 669 new or 579 used.

This camera has some pretty advanced features for improved dynamic range and auto-bracketing for HDR or what they call  film simulation mode. It is able to capture a larger dynamic range due to it’s censor which would sure help me in processing.

The more info the more latitude you have to work.

It can take VGA movies

Has a 14.3 zoom

image stabilization

and just about anything thing else you might want like 3FPS raw images

It certainly looks on paper like it could blow my Olympus 410 out of the water

But you know would like to be able to get some other information on my camera Like the UV and IR  part of the spectrum.  I found this sweet deal on a Fujifilm IS-1 Digital Camera with Infra-Red Capability

All You Need Is Approval By the Company

All You Need Is Approval By the Company

The Camera by itself is only 449 but if you get the filters that allow you to take either IR or visible pictures it costs 649 which is about what the aforementioned S1000FS cost.(still 449 here) To Get the IR you give up some zoom capability The automated single shot dynamic range stuff plus a few megapixels.  I don’t know I want the latter personally.

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