Leica Announces A Real Camera: 37MP Larger than full frame sensor

There is a photo of the ad here

37 um Mega pixels in a larger then Full frame sensor

37 um Mega pixels in a larger then Full frame sensor

Press Release

Lots of new lenses to come with it.

Bigger then full frame and faster then hassleblad Woo Hoo

But if they charge like 6,000 buck for crappy status cameras how much with they charge for one that really performs.

Also if you think about is as sensor technology comes down in price why tie yourself to some “sytem” if it;’s just gonna go away or get modified like the new canon 5d that can’t use the digital EF-S lenses or the Soon to be micro four thirds starndard.  Unlike film sensor technology is going to be improving extremely fast so it’s probably a good Idea to focus on who make the best most affordable lenses.  Of course it might just be better to by the latest advanced point and shoot. Or better yet last years best. That is if your an artist that wasn’t born rich.

3 responses to “Leica Announces A Real Camera: 37MP Larger than full frame sensor

  1. The Canon 5D and use all the EOS lenses that were produced since that mount came out with the exception of the EF-S lenses that came out later. The EF-Ss were market to people who had bought into the APS-sized sensor to offer a lower price point lens dedicated to that format.

    As for the micro 4/3, the sensor size is the same as before so the investment is protected as far as lenses go. All you need is an adaptor. The only thing new is practically the lack of a mirror box that offers a more compact CAMERA design. So it would seem this might be the system to suit ones needs for long-term investment, less expensive lenses and pocketable size, or did I miss your point?

    Lastly, it is quite IMHO idiotic to buy new cameras every time a new chip is introduced. I bought an Olympus E-10 8 years ago and made prints as large as 63 x 85 cm with 4 Mp files. I used it ’til it gave up the ghost. My point, Buy what you can afford, take pictures, be happy. When it breaks in 5 years, repeat.

    Most people don’t buy all the or even more than one lens of any system they buy into so the point is really moot where the rubber hits the road.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Greetings from Hamburg!

  2. The market Leica is gearing towards is Hassy, that I think is sensible from what they have been going through for the past 5 years or so. They now have the film camera, digital M, DSLR and medium format DSLR. They might very much likely pricing their new products comparable but competitive than Hassy’s.
    I was about to get a Rolleiflex film camera a few weeks ago but now I really want to take a look into their new digital medium format camera. I am ready to make a jump.
    Regarding the M8-2, I still think it is pretty descent, but I still think Leica needs to think of a full-frame digital M in their coming future.
    All in all, again, I think Leica should be on the right track – only time will tell.

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