Canons Sweet SX1 IS: Available for Preorder In UK for GASP ($673.3952)

Why bother releasing this camera

canon powershot SX1 is

canon powershot SX1 is

For 962 bucks(here)

Update !0-!0-08  673.39 Bucks (Here)

About 688(10-14-08 exchange rate)bucks here

I could get a digital SLR

I could get a nikon D90

or a Olympus 420 or 520 with 300 bucks left over to buy a video camera


Well it is only for sale in europe

and the more reasonably priced




Is available at amazon for only 399.00(here)

I took about 30,000 photo’s with my canon S3 IS and I found it very very good. It seemed to do everything except take RAW photo’s. Plus it had that 0.00CM focusing ability which was really cool.  It was only when I got my olympus 410 that I stopped using it except for it’s movie mode.

5 responses to “Canons Sweet SX1 IS: Available for Preorder In UK for GASP ($673.3952)

  1. But they say no money will be taken from buyers account untili it comes. That’s the upper limit for it’s price. It may be cheaper. 900 $ is way too much to happen.

  2. Looks like this one is intended as a high end version of the SX10 IS. If you check the specs, it uses the new CMOS sensor, and shoots at 4fps max as opposed to 1.4 for the SX10. It can also take High definition 1080p videos instead of just VGA, and includes an HDMI jack for playback direct to an HDTV. It also includes wireless remote control. If any of these features is a “must have” for you, the price probably won’t stop you. For those that don’t need them, the SX10 IS gives you everything else at a more attainable price. Looks like pretty good marketing to me.

  3. Your argument does not hold water, my friend. Here’s why. I can easily turn around and ask similar silly question: Why buy HD camcorder Canon VIXIA HF10 for $999 list price if I can buy Canon SX1 IS that can do the same quality video AND get 20x lens AND get 10mp superb quality still photos? It’s obvious, don’t you think? I’ll spend the $500 price difference between SX10 IS and SX1IS so I don’t have to lug around both dig camera and camcorder any day. Bring it to the US and I can tell you it will kill the sale of Canon VIXIA HF10 like it’s old news.

    • I looked that up. It appears amazon will sell it for 599.00 The cheaper one you mention is the Canon Powershot SX10IS which doesn’t have the CMOS sensor which allows the SX1 IS to do so much cool stuff.

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