Sigma’s Foveon X3 Sensor gets a new “processing engine” and 2 new Cameras:DP2 and SD15(DSLR)



According to the reviews the Foveon X3(DP1, SD14(TRUE),DP2,SD15(TRUEII))sensor can create nice looking images but the DP1 was really only good for bright light landscape stuff.  So it would seem they improved the processing engine which is now called TRUE II and offers”improved processing speed, operation and performance.”. The DP2 compact also has a better lens. It seems the DSLR SD15 is the same as the SD14 except it includes the TRUE II as opposed TRUE image processor. Given the novel sensor technology perhaps a new image processor could help these cameras be a better all around choice.  Still the resolution of 14 mp is only equivalent to a 4.6 MP capture in size. I’d like to see a comparison. I wonder what tonemapping a sigma image would be like.

DP2 Announcement

Photography Bay


Crave Cnet Asia

D15 DSLR announcement

Photography Bay

dp review

DP1 (Foveon X3)

Full Review

(Good For Landscape, Daylight Photography)

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