LAB COLOR:Education and Art Don’t Mix

There Isn't Another Thing Left To Seem

Flat And Dead Drying Orbs Seem

Photography is is kind of strange. Lately  i’ve been looking into LAB color which is a colorspace like RBG or CKMY. Those Spaces are based on what the particular device rendering the image is capable of lab on human visual perception. THe LAB colorspace represents what humans eyes percieve.  You can use it in adobe and its kinda fun though I haven’t really come up with anything useful to do with it.  I guess I need some better monitors.  But then who really cares when was the last time you calibrated your monitor, who knows what a photo on your monitor will look like on anothers.  I usually edit for variation.  I don’t really care what the actual color is I just want to be able to distinguish more details.  I used to think that’s what it was all about but know I wonder.  I wonder why anyone would need a really high end camera to take a photo your going to put on the web. Yet I can tell the difference in quality in a lot of other ways yet it’s hard to put them into words.  Smooth gradiations perhaps, lack of noise or I’m not sure.

Since I can’t really figure out what it is I am seeing as quality I wonder if I could really tell the difference between an upper end medium format camera and a professional DSLR.  Why aren’t these really expensive cameras tested like they test things in DP review.  What would the difference be.  I took it on faith that my Olympus 410 would be better then my Canon S3 IS or Nikon 8700 but it took me a while to notice the difference.  It’s the same thing with editing HDR photos, at first i saw things one way then after a while it all changed and I ended up editing things much differently(which is why I save all my HDR photos in nontonemapped radiance format).  Why do these companies like LEAF or Hassleblad seem to want to sell things only through particular dealers.  It seems kinda shady to me.  I’m not gonna  call a rep to have them convince me of anything because they should be able to point to a photo and say SEE! that’s the difference but then as my eyes are educated perhaps I’ll see things differently.  I’m sure glad I purposely avoided any education when it comes to photography.  It’s like in music where all the educated musicians suck because they “learned” to hear from their teachers.  Another example would be writing where an education destroys an author because it’s more about learning to like the same things then learning to produce what you like, what is real.

Colorspace applet

Commission On Illumination

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