Finally 720p HD Video On Your Camera Phone and 1080p 60FPS HD For Your Point and Shoot

Micron a company I remember from years ago when ached to have one of their PC’s seem to have a CMOS sensor division now.  I saw these press releases on The Image Sensor World website. They announced both a 1080p HD video Sensor in the 1/2.3″ point and shoot size and a really tiny 1/4″ chip with the ability to deliver 720p video at 30 FPS. Wow now we can use camera phone to make films! Can’t wait?

here’s the press release


Jose, CA, September 23, 2008 —

Continuing to push the capabilities of high performance CMOS image sensors, Aptina Imaging, today introduced its new 10-megapixel (part number MT9J001) sensor for digital still camera, digital video and hybrid camera applications. The sensor provides camera manufacturers with an easy to integrate, unique sensor that combines rapid image capture and superior image quality. The new 1.67-micron pixel sensor features 1/2.3″ optical format, and a parallel/serial frame rate of 7.5fps (parallel) and 15fps (serial). It is the first 10MP CMOS image sensor for point-and-shoot digital cameras and the first product to integrate Aptina’s High-Speed Serial Pixel Interface (HiSPi™). This high bandwidth serial interface is based upon the JEDEC SLVS signaling standard and enables faster data transfer rates (up to 2.8 Gbps). Aptina’s new sensor features HiSPi™ and allows a camera to capture and process data in HD (1080p/60fps). Additionally, the new 10MP sensor is the first of Aptina’s high performance sensors with digital re-sampling after binning. This re-sampling feature removes binning artifacts seen in 2×2 binned images and matches the distribution density of the original unbinned image. As a result of the extended binning capabilities of the sensor, camera users have a full field of view in HD, enhancing the overall end-user experience. Aptina’s announcement comes as the Photokina 2008 international tradeshow in Cologne, Germany begins.

“Aptina CMOS technology is advancing rapidly, enabling us to create high performance camera products for our global customers,” says Sandor Barna, Vice President of Marketing at Aptina. “Our new 10MP image sensor incorporates a unique 1.67-micron pixel format and a four-lane HiSPi™ serial data interface to achieve results unmatched by CCD technology such as 60 fps HD video capture at 1080p.”

HiSPi™ is the High Speed Serial Pixel Interface developed and owned by Aptina Imaging. The open access, scalable technology enables 1080p/60 fps performance (and beyond) and has been adopted by many of Aptina’s business partners to meet the challenges of high speed, low power consumption data transfer. HiSPi™ technology provides distinct benefits for users including open access to a performance focused interface, the ability to support 1080p/60fps today—4X the data rate of standard broadcast (DI)—and the scalability to accommodate higher data rates for the future. The MT9J001 10MP image sensor extends Aptina’s portfolio of higher resolution products, providing increased image quality and HD video capture like the 5MP (MT9P001), 8MP (MT9E001), and 9MP (MT9N001). Samples will be available in 4Q08 and limited production begins in 1Q09.

New Aptina 5MP SOC Integrates Advanced 1.4-um Pixel Design to Extend Higher Resolution for Small Form Facto

San Jose, CA, September 23, 2008 —

Aptina Imaging, a leading provider of CMOS image sensors to the industry’s most popular, mainstream and high-end mobile phone manufacturers announced today the launch of the industry’s first 5MP SOC (System on a Chip) with 1.4-um pixel design and a ¼” optical format. “This new addition extends Aptina’s role as an industry leader by providing manufacturers with leading-edge SOC products and imaging solutions ranging from VGA to 10MP,” states Sandor Barna, Vice President at Aptina. “This is a significant advancement for the market and for our customers looking for more sophisticated, quality imaging solutions.” The new 5MP sensor targeting 8.5×8.5mm modules in ¼” optical format leverages Aptina’s high performance 1.4-um pixel technology and innovative feature rich image processing. The MT9P111 utilizes Aptina’s latest imaging innovations to deliver superior quality images to the demanding best in class mobile phone users. Aptina’s new 5MP SOC combines a smaller form factor with higher resolution enabling manufacturers to provide end-users with image quality that parallels some digital still cameras.

Camera phones with higher resolution and high color fidelity enable capturing of images that are true to actual scenes, offering an experience closer to what one would find with a digital still camera. The MT9P111 provides manufacturers of mobile camera phones with high resolution camera features while reducing optical form factor and size. Aptina’s new SOC extends key features that enhance the end-user experience, including 720p/30 video, on-chip JPEG compression to reduce bandwidth demand on system, on-chip AutoFocus driver for fast focus response time and second generation motion adaptive exposure control (anti-shake) to capture clear images. The MT9P111 also supports Scalado Speedtags™, integrated functionality that improves the end user experience when storing, retrieving and manipulating images directly on the mobile phone.

Aptina’s Advancing 1.4-um Technology
Shrinking pixels is one of the key components in the technology integral to meeting the demand for higher resolution while achieving small camera module size necessary to bring rich features to the next generation of camera enabled mobile devices. Aptina’s 1.4-um pixel leverages proprietary processes and advanced pixel architectures to maximize light capture. Using this technology, Aptina is able to produce a 1.4-um pixel that outperforms today’s leading-edge 1.75-um pixels, enabling a significant increase in resolution without sacrificing image quality. The pixel enhancements improve pixel performance, reduce the physical size of the sensor, and meet the small form factor requirements of consumer devices.

Venkat Puntambekar, Segment Marketing Director of Mobile Imaging, notes, “Our success is built on our ability to continually provide manufacturers with solutions that enable them to improve the end-user imaging experience. For our mobile customers, products like the new 5MP SOC reflect improved feature sets and increased performance in a mainstream ¼” camera module. It also provides an easy upgrade path from the current ¼” 3MP products.”

Aptina’s MT9P111 is currently sampling to select customers and production is scheduled for late Q1 2009.


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