Mortgage Worthy New cameras: Hasselblad H3DII-50 and the Leaf AFi-II now with 50+ MP Backs

These high end cameras are awesome things to dream about.  And they make those cheap pro DSLR’s seem cheap by comparison.  Hasselblad just announced  2 new versions of there H3DII cameras. Available now is the H3dII50

Hasselblad H3DII-50

Hasselblad H3DII-50

They may be available but I wonder how much they cost.  With these expensive things that’s kinda hard sometimes.  Rich people it’s assumed can convert money from one currency to the next in their head.

Any way here is the official Hassleblad prices with the currency conversions done today.

The H3DII-39 (including HC 80mm lens) has a new price of £12,225(12 225.00 GBP = 22 624.81 USD) (H3DII-39 Multi Shot excluding lens, £16,225(16 225.00 GBP = 30 027.61 USD) and the H3DII-31 (including HC 80mm lens) a new price of £9,750(9 750.00 GBP = 18 043.35 USD). All three cameras are available for immediate delivery. Priced at £14,750(14 750.00 GBP = 27 296.35 USD), the H3DII-50 (excluding lens) is also available for immediate delivery and the H3DII-60, which will be priced at £18,750(18 750.00 GBP = 34 700.63 USD) (excluding lens), will be available in April 2009.

The Leaf AFI II 10 Will have a 56 MP back though I haven’t found it for sale. Your supposed to “ask A Rep” Hah!

Leaf AFi-II

Leaf AFi-II

As a comparison of actual sensor size rather than megapixels I made this chart

Click For Full Size View

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