Medium Frame Nikon MX News round up: Rangefinder? For Weddings? Just show it Dammit!!

Just so no one thinks I am going to stop this blog I am posting some links to some rumours about a new Nikon medium format camera pitched to the “wedding” photographer.  Then I have an HDR photo post with details on what was used to make it.

You know I’d like to see some good wedding photography or at least some that shows you something that only a really high end camera can deliver.

Personally I know I could use any camera to it’s fullest capabilities but does anyone else even try. I guess it doesn’t matter when the techno lust kicks in I remember when I was just out of highschool and I would read road and track and car and driver and even the classier Automobile magazine all because I wanted to learn about the really top end cars that I would never buy.  Why was that?  Well the really cool thing about photography is that the costs of really good sensors keep falling so one days dream is another days reality. But will you be able to use the extra capability?

From the very active Nikon Rumors Site

Nikon MX AD 1

Nikon MX AD 2

Ad 3

The Nikon “BIG” ad from some wedding photographers magazine

From the Nikon Watch Site

Nikon 48mmx48mm size sensor in a rangefinder camera discussed

A Nikon book authors tease

“My guidebooks for the D700, D3, and the rumored  soon-to-be announced additional camera won’t be available until this Fall, but I’ll be keeping you updated in the coming weeks.”

Luminous Landscape Nikon Rangefinder medium format forums thread

Another thread on another ad

OK well I’m bored

so here’s some photo’s I ended up making yesterday It is a..

Six exposure HDR photo. Used an Olympus 410, the 14-42 kit lens some old Slik tripod, Photomatix 3(the best HDR program I have found),adobe CS3 and finally Lightroom 2(64bit)

Click to for larger version full download available

Click to for larger version full download available

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