Samsung GX-20 Now $1,218.97, Pentax K20D $1,079.00:It’s Samsungs $139.97 Algorithms

There is a new interview at DPreview with um Mr. Choong-hyun Hwang, the Vice President of the Digital Camera Business of Samsung Techwin Strategy Marketing Team (what a title). Anyway he states that samsungs GX-20 DSLR is pretty much the same camera as the pentax but well here’s the quote from this article

“Even though Pentax and Samsung DSLR are almost the same, the image quality – not in a vertical way but in a horizontal way; the color rendering – is different because we use different formulas and algorithms. So although the Samsung GX and Pentax K20D are the same system, some reviews have found the Samsung to be better “

You know while I’ve alway appreciated axis specific color rendering improvements it’s strange that samsung would charge more for there camera then the Pentax

Here’s amazon’s pentax page

And here’s the Samsung page

Personally I was hoping that since samsung isn’t really known for thier camera’s they wouldn’t charge as much but it’s probably just bacause it came out later. Oh well.

I have really wanted to upgrade my olympus E-Volt 410 but I don’t think I would gain much by getting DSLR without a Full-Frame Sensor plus I need video capabilities. So I guess I have one choice The Canon 5d MarkII. I wonder if I can really justify the expense though. I see so much bad photography by the “Proud Owners” of whatever cool camera and I want no part of that.  But the lens that comes with the Canon 5d Mark II cast about 3 times as much as my camera+2 lenses.

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