Undisputed Photokina Champ The Canon EOS 5D Mark II PreOrder only 2,699

I was looking at the Nikon D700 when I realized it’s essentially Nikons answer to canon’s  5d Mark II so I decided to look up the price and found it at J@R music world. I’ve never purchased anything from them so who knows how reputable they are but I have”heard” of them. I think they used to send out catalogs. It’s funny though that that EVIL ritz camera is trying to screw people by selling then A Canon EOS 5D for only 200 dollars less.

Can you imagine how stupid you would feel if you bought The Older camera. What a rip.  It’s those old brick and mortar chain stores that give photography a bad name.

So I was looking at the Nikon D700 and found that it’s cost is within a few hundred dollars of the Canon 5D Mark II so I looked up the stats

Max resolution  Canon=5616 x 3744 Nikon=4256 x 2832
Effective pixels Canon=21.0 million Nikon=12.1 million
Sensor size       Canon=36 x 24 mm Nikon=36 x 24 mm
ISO rating         Canon=100 – 6400   Nikon=200 – 6400
It would seem something has to give. If Nikon can’t lower the price by quite a bit there really is no reason to buy it. Another Canon advantage is the Movie mode which the Nikon lacks.

3 responses to “Undisputed Photokina Champ The Canon EOS 5D Mark II PreOrder only 2,699

  1. What you say is true but for those of us who use Nikon and have 10’s of thousands of dollars in glass it really doesn’t make sense to switch. I would also ask that you compare the differences between the two in relation to what you are going to shoot. Don’t get me wrong I think Cannon is a great camera and they make great lenses. I just think that there is more of a comparison than what you put forth. Look at pictures taken in National Geographic taken with a D100, so sensor size and number of pixels aren’t the only thing that make a good camera.

  2. Also worth considering is the camera’s performance in low-light conditions. Canon’s (of late) have not been able to compete with the high ISO capabilities of the sensor used in Nikon’s D3 and D700; the noise in the image causes it to be almost unusable for a professional at anything above ISO 800. I’m a lifetime Canon user and I’ve debated making the switch many time in the past few months. We’ll just see what ISO6400 looks like when the reviews come out, I suppose.

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