Smart British Person Tells All About The Sony A900:”Tonal reproduction focuses on instant image appeal”

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It sucks when you look at a camera like t A900 and you see comments about it’s catering to the “consumer” market.  It would seem the “professional photographer er reviewer” is always comparing whatever camera they get to some nonexistent “Perfect Camera”.

This camera of course can never be made. It’s like the concept of Plato’s Forms. Unfortunately that concept led to the whole dualism thing which led to Christianity and to the devaluing of THIS world of base materiality.  Well we all know this eventually led to Descartes’s separation of the mind from the body or in other words another  kind of dualism.  Well that’s all well and good in theory but then so is capitalism and eugenics.

This separation of a mind or soul from the physical world leads one to overvalue the ideas one has about things at the expense of unmediated experience.  Unmediated experience is exactly what any artist should attempt to immerse themselves in.  If they don’t then all there art is going to be derivative.  There is no perfect camera so shut up.

No I’m being kind of ridiculous, see how an Idea can get a hold of one, these reviewers are just extremely careful observers and I love to read about any kind of quality they can discern in a photograph but really it would seem that one day there might be a requirement to get ones eyes certified before having a valid opinion about a camera’s performance

I was reading the canon interview in DP review when I came across this exchange between the DPreview interviewer and  the Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations, Masaya Maeda.

“Would you ever consider removing the anti alias (low pass) filter – or using a lighter one – on high end, high resolution models such as the EOS 1Ds Mark III, to improve pixel level sharpness, removing any moiré in software (like medium format cameras)?

“We believe the potential for false color moiré effects would be a disadvantage for the customer, so no.”

I have no idea what they are talking about but it sure seems ashame that we can’t make our 3,000 dollar camera do everything it can because of some filter they put on the sensor. Especailly when the software could take out the problem and you might get more sharpeness. darn it! I guess this is what they are talking about

Optical anti-aliasing filter

In the case of optical image sampling, as by image sensors in digital cameras, the anti-aliasing filter is also known as an optical lowpass filter or blur filter or AA filter. The mathematics of sampling in two spatial dimensions is similar to the mathematics of time-domain sampling, but the filter implementation technologies are different. The typical implementation in digital cameras is two layers of birefringent material such as lithium niobate, which spreads each optical point into a cluster of four points.[1]

Anti-aliasing Filter from an older Digital Video Camera

Anti-aliasing Filter from an older Digital Video Camera

The choice of spot separation for such a filter involves a tradeoff among sharpness, aliasing, and fill factor. In a monochrome or three-CCD or Foveon X3 camera, the fill factor alone, if near 100% effective with microlenses, can provide a significant anti-aliasing effect, while in color filter array (CFA, e.g. Bayer filter) cameras, an additional filter is generally needed to reduce aliasing to an acceptable level.[2]

Now that we cleared that up I still wonder when the moment will come when it is patently obvious that these reviewers have stopped measuring discernable things. You know like audiophiles(uggh!!).

Well I for one think i would be able to tell the difference.  The last big photo I took involved over 96 raw exposures from my olympus 410.  This led to 16 HDR photographs which I then put together into a panorama.  I usually take HDR images because I don’t really like the quality of the images that come out of my camera.  So here is it is. It took about 20 minutes to shoot and about 8 hours to prepare.

Click to get the 5000 pixel wide version of the 19598x3960 pixel original

Click to get the 5000 pixel wide version of the 19598x3960 pixel original

Detail of previous picture

Detail of previous picture

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