Olympus interview At Pocket Lint:The Future Of Photography In The Unmediated Experience

Olympus has one thing definitely right the future of high end photography is not the DSLR.  The mirror is leaving at some point.  Photographers have been assaulted by the changes in there profession.  I can’t imagine what it was like having to guess how a picture would turn out.  I look at the screen and go that looks pretty good then I take a series of bracketed shots and I don’t even need to set the white balance because I always shoot in raw.  Now I have covered the shot and I don’t need to worry I never had to consciously parse out the photos composition I could just take it.

I was reading an article in Pop Photo The Photographer’s Guide to the Eye they interviewed this scientist (Science Papers)who said

“In top-down, goal-driven attentional mode, we move our eyes 3 to 5 times per second, about 200,000 times per day. In bottom-up, we don’t consciously move our eyes, but we see 10 times faster.”

Chocolate box art

Chocolate box art

“In the first 150 milliseconds of looking at a picture, those elements draw the eye. That’s bottom-up seeing. Then, top-down spotlighting takes over: “Of special significance are images of biological relevance — like fear, sex, gender, aggression — which are much more dependent on training and culture,” E.G. Top Down.”

Of course every photographer most likely spends much more time thinking Top down as a humans window to the bottom up is very small.  The real artist can get in touch with the unmediated experience of reality and represent it.  The Scientist Bottom up example of an artist is the late Robert Rauschenburg

Actual "Art" Robert Rauschenberg


So it would seem that that would support the need for simple cameras that can be used intuitively.  This is much easier now than in the past because photographs are just about free. But the camera is still a pretty primitive digital instrument.  It won’t be to long till the sensor is more sensitive then the eye (it is already in may respects) and is able to produce a resolution and detail that could be like looking into a mirror. I can’t wait for that but in the meantime I always want me photos to show something people usually don’t see eve if it is only altered perspective.  The continuing improvement of cameras will only add more possibilities to do this in more amazing ways.

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