New Nikon DX3:In December?..Same Sensor as Sony A900:I.E.–24MP?

Is Nikon going to announce an new camera that could compete with the Canon 5d MarkII.  There a a lot of people just waiting for their Canon EOS 5D Mark II I personally haven’t put one on pre-order yet and perhaps this is a big mistake because I really don’t think anything comparable will be released until after Christmas.  It just wouldn’t make any sense. Once a person had a 5D well that would be it for them.  The 5D is like the holy Grail of DSLR’s. I’m sure there are thousands of amateur photographers just itchin’ to put this piece of equipment in there climate controlled garage next to their Harley. The thing about the 5D is it has no competition for people like that. It’s got the megapixels 22, and the Full Frame and the video.  Sure it may not the frames per second or the extreme ruggedness but there are no camera’s currently on the market who’s raw capture could compare to the Canon 5D(Assuming It’s as good as the previous canons). The only possible exception is the Sony A900 but then that’s a Sony which is definitely not one of the top names in Digital Imaging. I wonder sometimes why they got rid of the Minolta name.

Well on to the speculation. Is Nikon going to come out with anything before Christmas.

Rumours about a new MX format camera  were sure exciting

This post collects most of that which looks pretty insubstantial but a bit more exciting then the new

DX3 rumors.

Though a DX3 It could provide a bit of competition for canon especially with those who own Nikon glass or don’t care about video.

Personally I drive around at night delivering papers and dreaming about mounting a 5D to the front of my car and controlling it with that Wifi grip thing



3 responses to “New Nikon DX3:In December?..Same Sensor as Sony A900:I.E.–24MP?

  1. you do know the Sony make the Digital Video cameras that Lucas Film and much of Hollywood use to film movies etc. Saying Sony doesn’t have a name in Digital imaging only says “Look a me, I know nothing!!” Also Sony has been making sensors for Nikon for years.. on most of their DSLRs.. And how was that Minolta Name doing for their 5% of market? Try buying a camera based on ability not the name stenciled on the front..

  2. Have taken delivery of Sony Alpha 900… stunning low light capabilities. Awsome definition, and great handling, with everything at your fingertips, yet anything that is likely to spoli things (such as the ISO button on my old Minolta 7D) out of the way. I thought the 7D was a very good camaera to use, but the Sony definately an improvement.

    I am not 100% sure that the A900 is the best DSLR on the market for those that love stills, but it ain’t far off, and for the price it definately is.

    DLSR photographers, there’s a new kid on the block with the old Minolta legacy… Nikon and Canon ought to be worried.

  3. I’d prefer to have Nikon brand as I can use all the other accessories available for Nikon.
    24mp is worth of it.

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