HDR Capabilities of the Fuji FinePix S2000HD

Made from six exposures

Made from six exposures

I wanted a canon 5d mark II, in fact I even got on Calumet’s waiting list but then I found resources getting slim so I opted out.  This was pretty stupid considering I probably could have sold it for more that the 2,699.00 dollars i was going to pay for it.  In the mean time my partner needed  a camera right now so we bought the Fuji FinePix S2000HD.  It’s got a big zoom and can take the lower quality HD video but that’s not to exciting.  The only really nice thing I’ve found is the ability to take some interesting looking macro HDR shots (It doesn’t really work in the non macro mode).

Tessilative Orgone Misanthropy

Tessilative Orgone Misanthropy

I take a lot of HDR images and the results from the FUJI really popped right out.  I use Photomatix to combine the exposures into HDR images and then proccess them using the incuded tonemapping feature.  Taking the photos is a lot easier since all you have to do is push the shutter buttion once to get the camera to take 3 exposures.  I usually take 3 sets of three and combine them.  This is much easier than having to hold the shutter button down the whole time as I must do with my Olympus 410.  It’s easier to get all your shots without any movement which is really important In HDR photography.  Since it doesn’t take raw photos everything goes faster in the proccessing.

9 responses to “HDR Capabilities of the Fuji FinePix S2000HD

  1. How do you take 3 pictures in a row without touching your camera but in the same time, changing the set-up to have darker or clearer pictures? Is that how HDR works? Because I have a Finepix S2000HD and supermacro is incredible!

    • There is a setting to take three shots with different exposures. If you set it using the button on the top right near the back then all you have to do is push the button once and it’ll automatically take 3 photos.

  2. i noticed some chromatic abberation on your macro pick. I use gimp with a plug-in “chromatic abberration” to fix this issue. I use my camera for super macro pics.

  3. Sorry but i have a question about the s2000hd, there´s a panoramic function or such? I could find one…

    • If it doesn’t I don’t know cause I don’t actually use in camera panorama editors as I find them limiting. I like to use tripods or rock and put them together using cs4’s builtin or Autopano pro

    • Oh yeah that… I must admit I used a Tripod and probably more than 3 exposures. I’m to lazy to drag that thing out right now. I only the manual settings for every shot fOCUSING WAS A PAIN WITH THE FUJI. Or at least compared to the Olympus E-410 and the canon 7d where you turn the whole autofocus thing off and then focus looking at a magnified screen whish is a lot more precise. I know fuji had something like that but it was like you could turn the lens to get fine control.

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