The Canon EOS 7D

I ordered the Canon 7D about a week ago from amazon.  I haven’t gotten it yet but I’m hoping it’ll be here next week.  I started this blog about a year ago when I was on a lot of pain medication because of a severe toothache.  I had been planning to get a Canon 5D Mark II then start the process of making films but i lost my income momentarily and i had to make do with my 3 year old Olympus 410.  The E-410 is not a bad camera but it doesn’t take video, it doesn’t auto focus very well especially since I broke it, The mirror Is locked up so you can’t see through the view finder, the lens is scratched, the deal you screw the tripod into was ripped out and it’s pretty dusty on the inside. (Not only that but the built in flash doesn’t work any more and the one i got to mount on it lasted about a week). Oh well i got about 100,000 photo’s out of it. so it certainly paid for itself. I can’t wait to see if my computer can handle processing the large files for the 7D


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