The Canon EOS 7D doesn’t make films..

What the hell is everyone thinking?   Are people really going to make films with there DSLR.  Given the amount of virtual ink that’s been dedicated to promoting that idea one would think there is going to be a new Renaissance for film.  Finally a person can make an actual film for nothing so now there is no excuse.  Of course everyone also has access to a pen and paper and the writing of a book is just a matter of  spending the time doing it.  But are people actually going to do it?

Oh yes some people will do not doubt it.  But you are not going to.  You see your only  reading an article about a piece of hardware that could facilitate the making of a film for nothing but you won’t find any inspiration in an article on hardware.  Can you imagine what George  Romero could have done with this technology or how about Robert Rodrigez or Sam Raimi.  There initial films were dirt cheap yet they all still cost ALOT of money.  Can you even imagine asking a person for ten thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollar so you can make your first film?  And how are you going to find a cast?  Aren’t most people who really busy doing other things?  How are they going to feel when they see themselves staring back at them on a monitor?

Why do people actually take photo’s anyway ?  Are you the type of person who enjoys looking at photo’s.  What the hell?  Have you looked a flikr?  There are millions of photos out there already.  Why retake someone else’s photo?  Why take any photographs unless you have A brand new 25,000 camera.  Aren’t you going to have to just retake the photograph again when the technology get’s better?  Is photography even an art?  Who looks at it? how many photographs do you see in museums.  What about the new stuff were do you find that?

But wait a second film is actually a viable popular art the people actually participate in.  But it requires a community of people to make one.   How many friends to you have?  Maybe your just going to film those important moments like a birth or marriage.  Then you can file it away in some dusty hard drive or force people to watch it.  Remember community Cable access channels?

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