New Hassleblad Adds Fourth Dimension

Unfortunately I am not qualified to explain the Hassleblad‘s new camera.

Interested in the Hasselblad H4D and what it can do for your photography? As always, your best contacts are Calumet’s Advanced Product Sales specialists. Their expertise can guide you through the entire process of selecting and purchasing commercial equipment.

Hassleblad H4D

Unfortunately I really don’t have the money to be able to afford this NEW technology let alone understand it.  I barely made it through Organic Chemistry in college and I always hated the calculus.  I did take physics though that was so long ago i can’t remember exactly what the fourth dimension is.  Isn’t it commonly thought to be Time?  I really have no Idea perhaps it’s one of those curled up dimensions that is mentioned in those confusing explanations of string theory.  Aside from lacking the financial and cognitive assets to judge the import of this new breakthrough i wonder if I’ll be able to perceive the promised extra dimension.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until DXO comes out with their sensor evaluation.

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