This First No Budget Film: Day One

So like I already made some shorts mainly using high resolution still photographs and I bought myself A canon 7d so I could get some quality HD footage.  I have been using sony Vegas pro 9 64-bit but yesterday I found I couldn’t import 7d’s .mov files so I got pinnacle studio 14 ultimate and tried to use that.

Once I loaded the whole program I realized that it is not going to work at all.  It really really sucks.  The problem with stupid consumer level  crap-ware like pinnacle studio is that I could spend weeks just learning it’s particular way of “making it easy for you”.  Screw that I’m going back the sony vegas.

One would think that since the DSLR video “revolution” has sold so many cameras there would at least be one open source option for manipulating the “footage” perhaps I will need to look into it further.

One of the main reasons the canon 7d and 5dmk2 are so popular is that everyone likes the way the information is encoded but if one ends up with a proprietary file format like a .mov quicktime piece of crap it makes you wonder how much of an advantage it really is especially if the “footage”  ends up degraded due to file conversion.  Hopefully I’m just underinformed on the subject.

I should also start this thing out by stating I am doing this hoping to  to create something that will be completely mind blowing and artistically transcendent.  This is not something I’m doing  just to pass the time this will be something I do to change the world.  I’ve already seen every film that needs to be seen I’ve already read all I need to read about the activity that went into making all the junk they throw up on the screen these days.  All a book or a school or a teacher can tell you is how to do something that has already been done.  Fuck all that. Fuck the film schools fuck hollywood fuck Dogme 95 and fuck you.  I’m not going to waste my time entertaining that kind of crap anymore.

The only role model I can think of is Werner Herzog.  That guy is actually doing something creative and in the moment.  That guy abhors storyboards. His creative process takes place right out there among all the cameras and actor and sets.

Anyway I just wanted to make a small statement of intent to give myself a little kick in the ass.

I have the camera now, I can make the sound this is all there is sound and image over time.

Sound and Image Over Time

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