Goodbye Four Thirds, 4/3rd’s er whatever: Hello Canon EOS 7D.

I’ve been using a 4/3rd’s olympus E-410 for a few years now and it worked pretty good.  It took better photo‘s than my canon point and shoot . At Least when the tripod mount was still intact  There were a few glaring problems however. It really only works when i used it manually.  The AF never worked well or quickly and the auto exposure was completely useless.    So to take any kind of photo I had to set the aperture and the shutter speed and even though this was fairly easy the camera took a while to get ready for use.  Since I really only took photo’s for artistic reasons I limited my use mainly to tripod mounted HDR  landscapes and some macro shooting.

Well i happy to say I’ve  finally gotten a fully functional camera.  The Canon EOS 7D starts up in .4 seconds and it’s auto focus works well.  I still plan on mainly using it manually most of the time

Oh and the ISO low light stuff is like miraculous.
I ordered an ef-s lens with an 18mm wide angle and some exstention rings so soon I’ll be able to see just how good this camera is.

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