The hard part of filmaking is boring (+new HD Video)

I have been making little films for almost a year now and I have come to the conclusion that  the parts that take a lot of time are excruciatingly boring and stupid.

I want the content to play at a really high quality using a freely available open source standard codec  but so far nothing really seems to work.   So i guess that just means each iteration of a film is essentially a new print as the codec used to compress the file can have a huge impact on the final product(There isn’t much talk about lossless video) and the available codec make HUGE files.

Actually I hear there are actually people out there that use pirated versions of popular media manipulation software which are easily attained THey essentially function as a further avenue of marketing , a way to get a large enough user base so your software can actually become a vital part of a working environment. An environment will include many companies that do buy the software.  But seriously Sony Vegas has a really nice multiple format drag and drop video audio mixing interface that is really easy.

I made two films which include some crudely rendered canon 7d footage the last one was 1.1 gigs yet it failed to upload to You Tube(2 gig,ten minute limit) I’ve tried 4 times so far..oh well.

In conclusion here is the first of aforementioned film followed by some notes

You may wonder how this related to the material but given the constraints of time I have decided to construct a longer more ruminated on piece of “film” and therefore certain aspects may only become concrete after a few episodes.
You may also question the style of the video and my only comment there is that time is what is needed.  Time and huge embracing screens or isolation tanks filled with salt and wired for video.


“Some have asked if I did not feel lonesome”
“If there were anyone else”

Henry David Thoreau Walden
From the Librivox recording

“Leading A modest life in an Idyllic fake… ….staged to keep him satisfied.”

Text by As read by a computer(apparently).
It refers to the Phillip K. Dick Novel “Time Out Of Joint
Which was a really neat book about this dude who does crosswords or some other mindless thing unawares that he is also somehow determining the launching trajectory of these missiles that are being fired at the moon.

“Classically in philosophy there was a distinction drawn between
Being with a capital B,
Which a philosophical way of writing the word God or Fundamental Entity
Being Big B.
one among which is dasein
Heidegger, However,and I don’t want to mislead you because many readers have been mislead
is no humanist.”

Rick Roderick From his lecture series Titled””Self under Siege” lecture series”(I’ll note where it is next time i hear it)

Man-“It’s beautiful here
I can see the whole valley”

Woman-“yes and there’s our cottage down there
it’s time to go back isn’t it


“but we’re not going to”   ” there is nothing there for us”.
“ah the town’s empty no ones going back”
“there’s no reason to…none at all…?

“Such odd
such ridiculous houses”

Woman- “such ugly people I’m glad their gone”

Man- “Gone?

Where did they go?”

Woman-”I don’t know?

Man-”We’ll go back to town maybe next year,
or the year after that”

Or, maybe the year after that

Man- Maybe?


let’s take a swim”

Ray Bradbury

From a later 20th century Production

of one of his short stories

that was on NPR(Yuck)

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