No need to print it Ever: the new generation of video display

I  just  bought one of those ATI videocards with Hydravision and though I have yet to set it up with more than four screen I can certainly see the appeal.  You can buy a 1920×1080 computer monitor for like 200 bucks so like a matched set of six computer monitors and two ati video cards at about 130 buck apiece add up to 200 dollars less than a 50 plasma tv  screen.  With that you get something truly dazzling. A display with a resolution of  11,520 x 648o.  It’s physical dimension would depend on how close you could get the screen together but even with the spaces in between the screens I’m sure it a it would look a lot more impressive than the some 50 inch monstrosity that attempts to span that huge expanse with a measly 1980×1080 blue-ray feed.

The really great thing however is that many many people currently have digital camera’s whose resolution is to two or more times what is considered HD.   And  even though hollywood film could be released and even filmed on diigital equipment like RED camera‘s no one is releasing any content  at these quality levels.

No one but individual photographers and these are for the most part still photograph’s.  So there is some room for independent film in an entirely new place.  Perhaps this is already happening?  I envision a coffee shop sized theater with one of these huge multi-monitor screen.  I think that this could entice a whole new market.  One could open a theater fairly cheaply in some abandoned retail space and sell coffee or alcohol.  You could display the work of the artist who have embraced the digital medium but have yet to see their own work displayed using the same technology it was created on.

Ati’s  Hydravision cannot current be used in a way that would display any greater spanning resolution than 2048 x 1536 so moving images would be limited to that but still photography could be displayed(it might take an application) at the full 11,520×6480 and the great thing is there are many images currently available over the internet a much greater resolution than even that but it is never displayed in that way.

I say screw the galleries and the matter artist and open up a low rent high resolution theater of the new art.

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