State Of Open Source Camera For Film makers

This thing is trying to compete with the RED camera system and the 5D Mk. II. As others have said, the sensor is already behind. Everyone doing 2K on the cheap is using the 5D Mk. II as a video camera – it has a bigger, better sensor than anything anywhere in that price bracket, plus Canon’s awesome lenses. The next step up is the RED system for 4K, which is just on fire right now because of its revolutionary modularity. This thing is pretty small potatoes compared to either of those two. It might be good for student filmmakers though. A school could buy a batch of them.

Aside from the base camera unit, the Apertus requires several other pieces of hardware to function. These include:

– The “Dictator”: a small LCD screen (used for status parameters and navigating through menus of the camera,) that connects to the camera or viewfinder-computer via USB.

– Rod support: this is a community designed frame architecture to tie all the components together into an ergonomic, portable system. Images of design prototypes can be found here.

– Battery Pack: options for a viable battery solution are still being tested, but tests with a 2000mAh LiPo battery pack have been promising. The Elphel 353 power consumption is around 5W.

– Viewfinder: this is a computer or embedded device connected to the camera via an Ethernet cable for the purpose of real time video transmission between the camera and viewfinder. Devices that can be used include laptops, netbooks, PDAs, MIDs and Smartphones.
Open Source Photography Hardware Graphic Version 1

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