Shutterfly Bookmaking Software is insulting to photographers


I’ve made a couple of photo books through Shutterfly but they stopped offering a version of the “custom path”. The new “Custom Path” is just the most frustrating godawful piece of crap software program I could imagine. I would think that one thing that would be very important in most photographers minds is cropping. When I make I photo I think about Composition not only when I take the photo but afterwards when I edit them. After a long process of thinking and trying out different crops I come to a decision and I make a jpg of the photo cropped the way I think it should be. When you make a book in Shutterfly it assumes you really don’t care about composition. Even on the most basic pages in custom mode it automatically recrops your images. If you want to uncrop them you have to go through a lot of steps. You have to figure out the aspect ratio and then try to guess which of their pages offers the right one then you have to put the photo in the

page , “customize” it, then edit it over and over until finally you get it to the point where the whole photo is placed on the page cropped the way it was when you made it. If you look for help they point you to this really long post that tells you what to do as if it were the weirdest thing that a photographer might want to have a full representation of their photo in a book. And this is using the most basic portfolio preset in the “custom” path mode. Why couldn’t the software just place the largest full version of your photo centered in each page. You could make a photobook in minutes. I mean you’ve already sweated over all the taking and editing and cropping of the photos. It’s insulting to have to spend all that time undoing all these automatic crops. The book making process in Shutterfly REALLY, um… sucks.


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