Maurice Arthur FitzGerald AKA Soraxtm

I am primarily a seeker of the new and the true.  This culture (america 21st century) as it stand is dead to me.  The only thing left is cartoons like the simpsons.  Almost everything on the mass media is insanely trite, beside the point or literally deceptive.  This is because it’s purpose is to drive an audience to see it period end of story.  So we sit in our safe places in front of the TV and watch utterly meaningless crap to distract us from our pontless lives.  I used to think it was different, I used to think one could listen to NPR or watch public T.V. but if you do actually watch or listen to that dreck you would have to be either stupid or insane if you derived anything of use from it.  In my head now I have whatever was the last philosophy lecture I heard.  I try and think always about what is really going on.  I have discarded as much pretense as I can identify in order to charge forward into this world as it is.  Mostly I feel extremely alone.  I take for granted that 99 percent of people have stopped thinking or are so tied up with emotional problems such as resentments and low self-esteem that you just can’t talk to them. You just want to hug them or pat them on the head and offer them a biscuit.  I’m like that on my bad days.  But those feeling are so easy to entertain and so engrossing that the media gravites to them all the time.  They tell you how your hate is ok and even rational they tell you how you really aren’t as good as your neighbor how you’ve been victimized or cheated they just don’t shut up.  But then to foster a persons self reliance isn’t why they exist.  I just want to dispense with it all and start over with communication rather than commerce as my goal.  I’ll deal with my own food and housing this site and all my other sites on the net are about expression and opening up.

7 responses to “Maurice Arthur FitzGerald AKA Soraxtm

  1. what the fuck is true maurice?

  2. ? so what is true?

  3. lol, u got it right this time, go 2 sleep it must be late wherever u r, i’m in hawaii so its just after 11pm, lol

  4. sleep well maurice, “whoever you are”

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