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Well I wrote all these here articles in some revery of equipment lust that kinda makes me cringe. Not that the technology isn’t very important but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. When was the last time you printed out a nice full quality print? Maybe this is just poverty talking but I just don’t see too many really hi-res prints. And with all this talk about making films with dslr’s it kinda funny that there really aren’t screens of high enough resolution to play any of the upper end Red stuff. I’m sure this will change but in the mean time I’ve been using my time learning how to make films. I figured I cuold just start editing stuff together and see what happens. I experimented with overlaying video and still and using various effects but then I realized that film editing esn’t anything at all photoediting. FIlm editing is exactly like music making using a computer.

Music and film(or moving images)communicate much of their content in rythmic and reapeating structures. At any given point in the film the frame you derives almost all of it’s meaning and resonance from the frames that come before or after it. This is true on a microscopic level in that it gives one the illusion of another temporality mirroring our own but also themes and colors over longer period of time. Western music has rythym and time signatures it inherited from the past and there are limitations on what sound creation can be coordinated if one plays live.

Luckily film developed recently so the editing of it was not as constrained by tradition. In fact since the editing of it was really hard until very recently there really haven’t been many creative man hours being put into it. Maybe the editing situation is too abstract. If one could start to really coordinate the manipulation of high resolution images by transposing the musical editing skill to video editing then one could begin to take film back to it’s more experimental roots. Even now if you look at a film like Dziga Vertov’s Man with a movie Camera you can see for yourself how more there is to do in the film editing. That film really moves.

So the point is I taught myself how to make music and edit films at the same time all while listening to a lot philosophical lectures.

This is the result
HD version recommended

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The Digital Photography Endpoint Singularity Shadowplay

No the point is that whatever the viewpoint the results must pop out of reality and that leads necessarily to its differentiation from reality. However it is in the expliotation(through the instrument) of ever finer details that renders these kind of images their magic pop.

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