Relax Take A Valium:Red To Announce New Cameras 11-13

This Is So Exciting?

November 13th… prep.

We are so excited that we can hardly stand it. The whole RED team has been working more than I could have ever imagined on this. Probably because we are so motivated by the program.

We listened. We have found ways to do what many dared to dream. I am sure that some of the requests will not be met. We just cannot deliver things that are not possible. But we are going to announce things that some wished for but were afraid to ask.

Thursday cannot come soon enough. Tell all your friends. I will be very surprised if this is not the single most defining day of RED. The one day in our history that will mark the changing point. Days like this will never be duplicated.

If you are disappointed, we will never satisfy you. If you are blown away, the future just begins.

Know this. The RED team is on fire. I have never been a part of something as exciting as what we will present in a few short days.







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